Small Seascape

Today I painted this small seascape that I’m quite happy with. I might do a few more of these. I also got my dog a new harness, which she hated at first but seems to tolerate actually, and which might improve our experience on walks.

And a friend came by and brought us flowers.

These are some of the good things about today. The bad things seemed overwhelming at times throughout the day – feeling lonely and lost, out of patience with the pandemic and just about everything else – but I think I managed to dispel them. Painting always helps. And tomorrow is another day. Soon it’ll be another year.

In some ways I’m in such a different place than I was last year – literally. I mean I’m in my new little house in the Heights now. I also have a brand new book I hadn’t even begun to dream up last year. And my business has grown a little, despite the pandemic. But… There are many ways in which I was hoping to advance this past year, both professionally and personally, that just didn’t happen. And it’s ok, obviously. I suppose soon enough, as soon as I can get the vaccine, more things will be possible. And life will resume. And some old problems will resurface just like old friends. And maybe I’ll be happy to have them back.

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