Christmas Box Progress

Today I painted Christmas ornaments to go into the Christmas boxes – of which I now, by the way, only have two left! – and all the while I thought of Barcelona and how I really want to go to the art fair I’ve been accepted to. I also came up with a wonderful plan to make it happen and to offer my collectors a way to be a part of the experience. More on that later, but for those who have followed my art career for several years, this will ring a bell.

In the evening my friends and I went to a magical market. It was outdoors, we wore our masks, and it had a very good energy. I bought Florida Water because it called to me. There was so much other stuff to buy that I felt overwhelmed. It felt good to be out and to enjoy a different kind of cultural event. It reminded me why I love Houston, the variety of people and experiences one can find.

On my evening walk with Holly we saw a little owl. I’m beginning to think there are quite a lot of them in the Heights.

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