Every Girl Needs a Unicorn

My little niece is visiting her grandparents in South Carolina, and they told me she loves the pool. So obviously I sent her a floating unicorn. I mean, somebody in this family had to get her one, because every girl needs a unicorn. It arrived yesterday and apparently it’s a big hit!

Meanwhile here in TX I drove to the Island to take care of a few things, have Ronnie feed me a piece of cheese marinated in wine, and loiter with my friend. The air is jasmine-scented and makes me think of Betty in Storms of Malhado. We even stopped by her house, which is presently being restored. Then I drove back and rode my pink bicycle to drop off my weekly compost here in the Heights. The streets here are jasmine-scented too, and in the evenings it’s cool and pleasant on the porch. My one lonesome bluebonnet I grew out of a seed pod is blooming and despite so many things being wrong with the world right now, it’s a great time to be alive – for some of us, at least.

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