New Projects, New Ideas

Today I started working on a series of 5 10×10 acrylic on wood paintings that will be displayed at the … More

Getting Ready

I’ve started getting ready for my trip to West Texas. Which means that in addition to jeans and new tires, … More


Today I painted a little bat because I love them. It’s 8×8 inches, acrylic on wood, and costs $100. I … More


A good day. Spent some time in my art studio at Sabine Street, also spent some time with a friend. … More

A Day in the Life

I know a lot of my blog posts recently start this way (and I’m so grateful for it!) but today … More


Tired post-move but very very happy. The City of a Houston has already hung and lit big Christmas ornaments outside … More


Oh, this was magical! Perhaps you think a day spent moving the contents of a very full art studio, mostly … More