This absolutely stunning acrylic and oil painting is a superstar! Cinderella is designed to shine bright. Not only is her background gold, thus creating different effects in different lighting situations, but her fabulous dress is painted with intereference paints, thus changing colors from light blue to green, purple, and occasionally pink. Her body and hair, in contrast, are created in warm hues of oil paint, giving her a special human touch. The princess par excellence, Cinderella has traveled the world in style! In December 2021 she was exhibited at the Fira Internacional d’Art de Barcelona. I considered her too lovely and precious to transport with the other paintings, so, carefully wrapped in wax paper and then some, she got to fly with me on the plane. As the wax paper was slightly sheer, she was admired by everyone we encountered, including the amazing flight crew in the Air France First Class Cabin who treated us both like the princesses we are.

18×24 inches, acrylic and oil on cradled wood panel, created in 2021

The painting comes with a beautiful hardcover catalog of FIABCN 2021.

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