Dogs with Bagels by Maria Elena Sandovici – Paperback


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For the month of July and August 2020, $5 from the sale of each paperback purchased through this website will be donated to the Houston SPCA. The dogs in the title of this book are metaphorical, but the SPCA helps real dogs in need, and so can you!

Liliana is the disappointing daughter of hardworking immigrant parents. She’s a girl looking to be rescued from her own insecurities and bad decisions. Unable to afford rent in New York City proper, she craves a life of luxury that isn’t hers, while subsisting on bagels and coffee. In desperate need of support, she clings to potential saviors, never bothering to question if the attachments she forms really fit her.

In a parallel story-line, her mother, Maria, is trying to reject all offers of help, especially those of her estranged husband. She’s never forgiven him for taking her away from Romania, where she was happy. She’s never forgiven herself for following him to New York. And she’s never come to terms with the betrayals that ruined their marriage. Enmeshed in her own drama, she doesn’t notice her daughter’s troubles until it’s too late. Desperate to keep Liliana from making a mistake that will alter the course of her life, Maria reveals her best-kept secret, a story so shocking it might have the power to jerk Liliana back to reality. It could, on the other hand, alienate her forever.

DOGS WITH BAGELS is a story about the American dream gone bad. It is also a story about mothers and daughters, about female friendships, the struggle to survive in one of the world’s most expensive cities, and nostalgia for people and places one has loved in the past.

All characters in this book are deeply flawed, but they are so compelling that readers asked for a follow-up novel. LOST PATH TO SOLITUDE revisits the same cast a decade later, to find them facing new problems, yet oddly enough stuck in some of the same patterns.

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