Galveston 1922 Paperback + Painted Bookmark


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Enjoy a beautiful paperback copy of Galveston 1922  accompanied by a unique bookmark painted by Elena Sandovici, adorned with a gold tassel and a special charm. Bookmark designs vary. They all include themes from the book and are painted individually in Sandovici’s unique style. These exclusive collector’s items are excellent additions to your own collection, or could make wonderful gifts. Why not get two?


Book description:

Alice is resigned to an unremarkable existence until she meets June – a suspiciously pale flapper only she can see, a young woman who claims to have died and not remember the circumstances of her life or death. Determined to solve the mystery of her ghostly new friend, Alice allows herself to experience a new side of Galveston Island: speakeasies, jazz, new fashions for women, more permissive social mores, and an undercurrent of danger that hits closer to home than she would have expected. Despite Prohibition, or perhaps as a reaction to it, Islanders are embracing the new era with gusto, fueled by a vibrant music scene and an abundance of delicious cocktails. But beyond the façade of jazz, speakeasies, and liquor, the Island carries fresh memories of death and destruction. Merely two decades ago, the Great Storm of 1900 killed almost five thousand of its inhabitants and put an end to its Golden Age. Alice herself drags along more ghosts than just June, but she is as much in denial about it as she is blind to some of the more sinister aspects of the Prohibition era, or the lies of omission in her own relationships. Her new ghostly friend has a secret agenda that will force Alice her into the orbit of rum runners, psychics, federal agents, and peddlers of potentially poisonous bathtub gin. These adventures will present her with a choice between confronting her past or keeping it buried. Will she be able to rise from her own ashes like the Island itself? And is such a rebirth in the wake of tragedy truly possible, or merely an illusion?

Read the first two chapters here. 

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