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Do you love what you see, both on the blog and on the Facebook Live show? If you’d like to show your appreciation by buying me nice things, I will make it easy for you. Some of my Mega Friends love to spoil me by buying me art supplies. They always ask what I need. I decided to take the guesswork out of it. After all, why would I turn away tokens of love or any type of abundance heading my way? If you want to give me gifts, I will be happy to accept these, and turn the abundance into art and good energy. If you feel so inclined, here are a few contribution levels. I love you regardless, but if gift giving is one of your love languages, this is for you!

No actual products are associated with these gifts. The gifts also do not literally translate into the specific materials mentioned. The categories are designed in order to be cute.

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Cute Eraser, Buy Your Own Pencil, Clean Watercolors, Splashy Acrylics, Precious Oils, Gold

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