There Once Was a Pointer Puppy

30 copies of Nancy’s book were delivered to the gallery today. I was so excited to get them that I … More

Spring Color Explosion

Here’s another abstract using the distressed layers technique. Also, I went to Spec’s and bought lots of good Portuguese wine … More

Easter 2022

Today I mostly napped with my dog. I also took her to see the neighborhood pigs. She got way too … More

HBD, Hanuman!

Dreams: intense and full of symbolism. Humidity: pretty high. Pollen: rather fragrant. Holidays of different faiths overlapping this weekend: several. … More

Full Moon Owl

It’s a full moon and it’s spring and I love the way the world outside smells right now, everything blooming … More

Bobby’s Story

After a day that was extremely fun and where I saw some of my favorite people, I came home and … More

My Point of View

My point of view is obviously that of a giraffe. Those who get it get it, those who don’t don’t. … More

Springtime Butterfly

Today was a fairytale kind of day. First I walked to a cool new coffee shop on Heights Boulevard to … More

Every Show Needs a Bird

Every show needs a bird, and my upcoming show with Sarah Rimboch at Mid Main Gallery definitely has to have … More