Seascape at the Castle

Today I painted an abstract seascape. The cats did all kinds of cute things. The weather was cool. I ate … More

Summer Storm

This evening there was a big storm and the air cooled off considerably. Just before the storm I nailed a … More

Summer Fun

I wasn’t hungover after yesterday’s shots, but today was busy in the most fun way possible. I always have a … More

Summer Tote Bag

Here’s a sneak peak at one of the hand painted summer tote bags I made. Isn’t it fun? Here it … More

More Painted Lace

Today I painted on some more pieces of lace my old lizard had saved in her wardrobe. My aunt made … More

I Made a Thing

I made a thing. It’s several pieces of lace sewn together to create a wider surface. My lizard has several … More


Today the most beautiful magpie flew onto the garage. As y’all well know, I’m obsessed with birds and this one … More