Mardi Gras Umbrellas

I have a surprise! I’m painting 6 unique decorative Mardi Gras umbrellas – with a little help from my horses. … More

One Step Closer

Quiet rainy Sunday. I walked to John’s for some leftover salads that were really good. I made another Instagram reel … More

Moon Rabbit

Today was a fun day. My friend and I had not seen each other in a month and we decided … More


Today I made a ladybug collage. The weather has been nippy and I’ve taken a break from some of my … More

Tones of Gray

Today was very rainy and windy and the day brought some sad news. I painted an abstract in tones of … More

Come Back!

Another slow day. It’s cold and I’ve sort of gone into hibernation. I did get out to meet an artist … More

Sea Turtle

I had to paint a sea turtle as one of my lucky paintings because sea turtles are very important to … More

Together Again

After a month of talking myself out of it every day, I finally moved the furniture in the gallery back … More