Vow of Silence

This is interesting: I’ve taken a vow of silence. Apparently the only way to heal laryngitis is to rest your vocal chords. Completely. Even the whispering I’ve done over the past few days was actually hurting. See, I’ve done my homework. I’ve even gone to the doctor, something I rarely do, but I do haveContinue reading “Vow of Silence”

Previews and Private Tours!

With my solo show, The Platform, hung in the gallery, I am now thrilled to offer previews and private tours! They include chilled cava and are a lot of fun! Please contact me for one especially if you can’t make the party on Friday, and even if you can. (Reminder: Opening reception is Friday JulyContinue reading “Previews and Private Tours!”

4 Women. 4 Hammers. 40 Paintings

Today I went to Home Depot and bought the most amazing little power drill. Then I put D-rings on 40 paintings while my friends were cutting out the labels I’d printed and putting each into its individual frame. That, by the way, is very very tedious. I have good friends! The paintings are now allContinue reading “4 Women. 4 Hammers. 40 Paintings”