Morning in Paris

Today was a good day. I took a really long walk in the neighborhood, drove to Conroe to see the … More


I’m really hoping there’s more than one owl in the neighborhood because I really don’t want my owl to be … More


It’s a lonely business, this learning how to paint in oil. But I think I’m making a little progress, slowly … More


Back to the Chrysalis today, working on a larger piece. My reacquaintance with oil paints so far has been both … More

Baths and Books

My lavender spike oil arrived today, as did the rest of my paints, and I’m in full-on obsession mode. I’ve … More

Woman in the Window

I’ve been dying to do this for a while now. I’ve been wanting to get back to oil paint because … More

Painted Masks

The baby for my Mardi Gras Surprise Boxes arrived today. So did a whole bunch of Mardi Gras masks, and … More