Fish in the Sea

Today my friend and I drove to Galveston bright and early and we spent a delicious hour and a half … More

Stretched and Ready

Today I stretched Patches of Color, one of the paintings I painted on linen while at the Castle. It turned … More

Summer Fun

A lovely evening with my top collectors who now both belong to Holly because they took care of her while … More

Counting Sheep

My dreams are still weird but I’ve been sleeping well. There are some good things in the works, including a … More


I really love zinnias. There’s a garden Holly and I walk by frequently that has the most beautiful zinnias and … More

A Visit with Friends

Today I hosted a dinner for two very special friends so I could tell them about my trip and all … More

Full Moon Continued

I think I finished the Full Moon in Aquarius painting. I applied so many metallic paints that it shines in … More


Today at the Heights Woman’s Club market, Galveston 1922 found a wonderful new home. I’m glad I brought her with … More

Full Moon in Aquarius

This piece is still in progress, still on my easel. It needs a few more layers, but it was fun … More

Back to Writing

Today I finally opened my jazz age mystery manuscript again. It’s been a while! It was good to reconnect with … More