Lucky Beans

I decided not only to stay home, because NYE is overrated even in regular years, but especially during a pandemic, … More


Today I felt pretty sleepy – though I’m hoping that by tomorrow my jet lag will be gone. I kept … More


Very inspired by my trip and the fabulous flight home. Made this abstract painting called Manifestation and a video about … More

Gift of the Magi

Today the sun returned to my rooftop terrace. The beach was dry enough to sit. I came across two large-scale … More

A Good Christmas

Still rainy today, but I had a nice day. I got to smell the orange trees and the sea, bought … More

And Just Like That

And Just Like That, Carrie’s smoking again and living in her old apartment, or so I learned from TikTok today. … More

Even on Rainy Days

My favorite thing I saw today were olives growing in a tree. It rained, but it was really a drizzle, … More

50 Ducks for Christmas

So before I left Texas I did this thing where I contacted many of John’s friends and collectors and suggested … More