Mary Star of the Sea

I always look for the statue of Mary Star of the Sea when I go to Galveston. Standing on top … More

The Unveiling

Today’s unveiling of Storm Survivor was quite magical! I’m so thankful for all the wonderful friends and collectors who were … More


Today I started working on a dragonfly painting for a very special little girl who is a Taurus like me! … More

Dragon Scales

Remember when I looked up #DragonScales on Instagram and images of Casa Batlló popped up? Well, I had to paint … More

Rocking Horse

My friend sent me this picture of a special artifact she came across on a trip to Mexico – a … More

How to Make a Unicorn

First I drew the unicorn on paper. Then I painted a background for her on a small wood panel. Then … More

Hello, Fall!

Today after the gym I went to HEB and there I bought a pumpkin spice candle. I also found artichokes, … More


In which my life seems full to the point of bursting, and my friend and I go out and have … More