Beautiful weather on the Island today. Farmers’ market, long dog walk on the beach, some pleasant loitering downtown, visiting the … More

Ghostly Walking Tours

Today I impersonated the ghost of Suzanne, one of the characters in Storms of Malhado in order to give my … More

Trolley Ride

After a long absence, since Ike, in fact, the Galveston trolleys are back. Today my friend and I decided to … More

Island Air

Our little Island interlude has begun. Holly and I are comfortably settled in a friend’s charming little cottage, an old … More

Big Suitcase

In which the big suitcase I ordered finally arrives and I make a funny video of myself stashing art into … More

Hermit Crab

A quick trip to the Island. A long overdue beach walk with a friend I hadn’t seen in months – … More

Christmas Ornaments!

Today I made Christmas ornaments. I finally used up all the armadillo tissue paper I got at by George in … More

Stolen Horse Wine

No side effects after my shots yesterday except for sore arms. The Pfizer arm is more sore than the flu … More