Judgmental Dog

In which my life is utter chaos and my dog seems to be judging me for it. At least the … More

A Hope and a Prayer

The painting above is inspired by my visit to the monasteries of Moldavia, and by Orthodox iconography in general. It’s … More

Obsessed and Inspired

Today I painted the sea again. I guess I’m truly obsessed. Also, I started feeling happier because I figured out … More

Revisiting the Carousel

Today I painted another carousel horse inspired by a picture Dana from the Amsterdamian took while we were in Paris. … More

Blue Sea

Today I voted in the European elections, then later painted this seascape, so I suppose it was a good day. … More

Black Horse

Today I painted a black horse with red tassels. I did something different to the background, applied a sheer, shimmering … More


It’s been a day full of celebrations – from an Italian lunch with a friend who shares the same birthday, … More


My two paintings today pay homage to the two luxury hotels I visited on behalf of my collectors, where I … More


I woke up at 4am and I really wasn’t a happy camper. I dragged around for the first part of … More