A Miss Vulpe Kind of Day

The weather definitely feels like spring, and perhaps I’m a little more up for things than I used to be. … More

Full Moon in Venus

Maybe it’s the full moon in Venus, but I was overcome with a desire to clean and straighten up everything. … More

Pointer Therapy

Today I worked on my artist statement for my upcoming show. Then I went to the Chrysalis to work on … More

Coyote on the Beach

There have been several coyote sightings on the beach in Galveston lately. But my friend and I didn’t encounter the … More

Boiling Point

It’s getting close! My solo show at the Chrysalis is just around the corner! Today I worked on a flyer … More


Still tired today. I threw out the orchids that froze inside my house. It now seems surreal, as we all … More

Sleep for Centuries

Our boil water notice was lifted today. Perhaps the nightmare of the Snowpocalypse is over. I feel like I could … More

Returning Home

Today was a beautiful day with spring-like weather. The sea turtles rescued by conservationists in South Texas got to return … More

Making Friends

Something crazy happened today. Through all of this, in addition to worrying about food, clean water, and just plain survival, … More