Cloudy Skies

Today the City was cloudy and I was jet lagged. Not my best state of mind, but some enjoyable highlights … More

Fur and the City

In which the furs and I arrive safely in NYC and are given a room with a splendid view. I … More

Where Are You Going?

Where are you going, crazy girl? my friend the pigeon seemed to ask from his windowsill as I was packing … More

Time Travel

Today I was very tired. It turns out time travel is exhausting and I feel like I’ve just returned from … More

Train Station

Today I took the train back to Bucharest. I was sad to be leaving and my lizard was sad and … More

Old Lizard Salon

Today the aunts came by again and one of them helped me give my old lizard a salon treatment. I … More

Full Circle

“No! Not with the knife! Please don’t pick your teeth with a knife!” The irony that I’m shouting this as … More

Year of the Rat

Some different aunts came by to see me today and we sat in the kitchen and laughed a lot. They … More

Pecking Order

Today I gave grandma a haircut. She has really thick hair, especially for a 98-year-old. It’s white and straight and … More

Mare de Deu

Today I awoke to sunshine and to feeling entirely more empowered and more optimistic. First I woke up to grandma … More