Here’s a sneak peek of a commission I’m doing of Seaside, Florida. It’s been fun working on this. And it’s … More

Dogs at Weddings

The weather turned cold again and yesterday’s momentum eluded me. I had big plans to accomplish a lot, but the … More

Carousel Bunny

Today I had a revelation: It was about 4pm and I was sitting in the gallery drawing, when I realized … More


Today I had a breakthrough in my art, and also in my journey of self-acceptance as a Taurus. I decided … More

The Light Returns

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Fun New Things

Today I continued working on the abstract pieces I’m preparing for my February 1st show, which honors Imbolc, the return … More


Here’s a portrait of me trying to achieve balance in my busy life as an artist, writer, and entrepreneur. Today … More

Buy Yourself Flowers

I saw the daffodils at Trader Joe’s as I was buying snacks for my book release party! I love daffodils … More


Today I finally did what I’d been meaning to do for a while: I finished reading the 1900 part of … More

Ghost Story Continues

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