Galveston Walking Tours

Join best-selling author and artist Elena Sandovici on a unique walking tour of Galveston’s Historic East End. Sandovici holds a Ph.D. in Political Science and is the author of Storms of Malhado and The Glory Days of Aimee Bonnard, two very well received historical novels set on the Island, featured in Galveston Monthly. Over the years, Sandovici has shown art and sold books at many local venues, and spent countless hours exploring beaches, back alleys, charming artist cottages, luxury hotels, and haunted mansions, in addition to conducting meticulous historical research for her novels. Writing and painting both require attention to detail, careful observation, an emotional connection, and Galveston has been a prime source of inspiration for Sandovici’s art and books for years. She will share with you some of the secrets she has learned, combining historical information with local lore, as well as timely and priceless recommedations on things you can enjoy and people you can meet here in Galveston.

Struck by devastating hurricanes and other tragedies, Galveston Island is a place of death and rebirth, a place that rises from its ashes and constantly reinvents itself. The occult will feature prominently on the tour, combining hauntings from Storms of Malhado with other glimmers of magic. The veil between life and death is thin in Galveston, and the tour will give you a sense of that. However, the tour is not scary, but rather mildly and pleasantly esoteric. You should sleep well and dream of lovely things afterwards. There are certainly troubled, deadly episodes in its past, but Galveston has a beautiful, gentle energy, a sense of peace and serenity that often gets lost among the noise and colors of a fun-loving tourist town. If you’re ready to go deeper and form a unique connection to the heart and soul of this mysterious and lovely place, this tour is for you!

Please wear comfortable walking shoes.


Tours are limited to ten guests. We require guests to maintain a safe social distance from the tour guide as well as from other tour participants not in their household. You might consider bringing a mask just in case we pass through crowded areas or in case you wish to stop and shop somewhere. You might like this Galveston Water one.

Tours cost $25 per person. You can book through Airbnb or contact Elena Sandovici directly by using the form below or at or 570-807-6411 to schedule your tour.