Is it True about the Horses?

I did it, y’all! I published Storms of Malhado! It’s now available on Amazon, and VIP readers will get their … More

Naval Hospital

Sending love and prayers to NYC. Hoping the US Naval Hospital Comfort that arrived today will help save a lot … More

Got Wine?

So I’m officially working on a series of paintings featuring people’s quarantine groceries, and it appears that one of my … More


Today I had groceries from HEB delivered by Instacart. The driver was awesome. He waved at me from a safe … More

Quarantine Poem

There has been a request for fresh dog poetry, and Holly has been particularly inspired, so here goes. This is … More

Let’s Have an Adventure!

Today on Facebook Live I continued my live painting of the abstract piece I started yesterday. I explored mark making … More

Sunshine Is Everything

In which I actually have a great day, isolation and all because the sun is shining outside and I love … More

Stay Home

Hero of the day: Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo who issued a shelter at home order for Harris County this … More


Kind of blah day, though I made some really good fried rice, and had a major breakthrough on the horse … More


Today had its ups and downs. Some moments were really good. The dog and I took a long walk in … More