Summer Fun

Today was such an amazing day! My Escapist sister AVM’s show ended up being a huge party! It was great … More

The Platform

Today I met with my mentor, John Ross Palmer, to talk about my upcoming solo show. It took very little … More

Wood Not Weed

This morning I went back to Home Depot to buy more wood. I texted John to tell him, and Siri, … More

Create Yourself

Have you ever been to a party where everyone asked the same boring questions? Where are you from? (Barf!) What … More

Snails and Stuff

Day 2 of being back. I’m crawling along at a snail’s pace, not just in terms of getting over the … More

Worlds Coming Together

I’m not gonna lie: I’m plagued by severe jet lag and missing my family, missing the magic and lightheartedness of … More

Happy Solstice!

Here’s a way to make the longest day of the year even longer: fly transatlantically from Europe to the US. … More


On my last day here I took the long train trip through the Netherlands that I’ve never taken. I sped … More