Goodbye, Owl!

It was a day of mostly packing – with a few friends stopping by. At night Holly and I took … More

Ready for Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde is about to start – a time to slow down and reflect. Today I was already feeling its … More

Monarch Butterfly

Today was a really good day. I got to see Nancy and Bobby twice, saw a Monarch butterfly that practically … More

Jumping Over the Moon

There’s a full moon that’s slowing everything down, at least as far as I am concerned. There will be an … More


I made these cute little sandpipers on a gold background to take to Mock and More Gallery in Galveston. I … More

Galveston. 1922

I’ve been cooking up this new manuscript for a while now – a jazz age mystery featuring the ghost of … More

So Many Frogs!

There are so many frogs outside! At night I hear them and I really love them. It rained off and … More


This is my very first abstract painting. It has quite a story. It was created in my garage/art studio at … More