The Raven

Today’s painting is a raven, inspired by yet another brilliant picture my friend @stephanirae_ published on Instagram. Perhaps some people … More

More Mannequins

Today I painted another mannequin painting. I also ate the chile en nogada taco again – I actually had two! … More


The watercolor above is inspired by the Dolce & Gabbana show, which I loved. As to yesterday’s mannequins, I think … More

Baby, Don’t Cry

Today I started working on these Chanel mannequins and I kept messing up this one girl’s face and in the … More


Let me tell you something: Holly Golightly might be the biggest dog in the universe, but Bobby, the English Pointer … More


Confession: Few things make me as happy as the unicorn floating in the pool of an apartment building off Memorial … More

The Appeal of Autumn

I saw a joke on social media complaining that in the South fall is just like summer, but with pumpkins. … More

Croissants on Sunday

My cousin left today, which, I’ll have to admit, made me pretty sad. We woke up extra early so we … More

Just Playing

Here’s a drawing of my cousin playing giraffe with Holly. We had a really fun day, even though it rained. … More

Champagne at the Ritz

My mentor John Ross Palmer is on his way to Paris today where he’s planning on a very special drink … More