Green and Gold

Today I got back to making the Barcelona tiles. I did two over Instagram Live, which was a lot of … More

We’ll Be Back!

It was hard leaving our Island getaway today. I think the Island itself didn’t want to release me, because traffic … More

Bike Day!

This morning I decided to do something I hadn’t done in years: I decided to ride one of the bikes … More

Dog on the Balcony

Favorite moment: Sitting on the balcony with my dog just before it started raining. It was a mellow kind of … More

Pure Island Magic

The day started with thunder, lightning, and rain. Yet I knew that Mary Star of the Sea had successfully protected … More

That Island Feeling

Like most wonderful things, that island feeling can be elusive. Sometimes you’re floating along peacefully, sometimes you’re deep in the … More


I am not a morning person. But today I woke up early, and since I’m on an island, I figured … More

Dog on Vacation

In which we get to Galveston safely, unpack, and take a very long walk with our friend. We stop in … More

A Colorful Sunday

Today John came by for coffee. He wore all white and brought me a sandwich. He got on the bed … More