Preparing for the New Moon

I spent most of the day preparing for tonight’s new moon. Mostly that involved cleaning, but it also entailed a … More

Ranunculus and a New Horse

Today I painted this small painting of ranunculus – one of my favorite spring flowers. It’s also been an eventful … More

Train Dreams

Putting it out there into the Universe that one day I hope to ride the luxurious VSOE train to Venice. … More

What Will Lola Do?

It’s been slow going but today I returned to my current manuscript. I realized that I’ve backed Lola, the protagonist, … More

Horses for Auction

As some of you know, I’m hosting a small celebration for the two-year anniversary of my historical novel Storms of … More


I worked on this 36×36 inch flower painting most of the day. Then I rode my pink bicycle to meet … More

First Day of Spring

The horses are riding bicycles in the gallery. Three boxes of books arrived for the anniversary of Storms of Malhado … More