Aphrodite Eating Crawfish

Sometimes I come across a picture so fabulous I just have to paint it. The one that inspired today’s painting … More

Pyramide du Louvre

I’m starting to get ready for my Bastille Day party which will be all about Paris! Also, I’m starting to … More

Back to Betty and Edna

I did a little more revising on the Galveston story. I’ve reached the part about Betty, the 1961 episode. I … More

Not a Dying Craft

One of the highlights of my day was a short visit to Sakowitz furs, a Houston institution. I frankly had … More

A Dog and a Unicorn

Ok, so maybe I had a teeny tiny hangover from yesterday’s Pride vodka, but today was a good day. I … More

Make a Wish

One of the paintings that sold last night was something I’d painted for my art show in Barcelona four years … More