This one goes out to cat lady for being such a good friend! Also, I managed to have a great … More

Buffalo Energy

Sometimes I feel the need to channel the energy of the majestic buffalo. The buffalo is a symbol of abundance. … More

A Sensation of Space

Today my friend and I headed to the Island to look at houses. It was fun and it wasn’t. There … More

Open Studios

Today was the first open studio event at John Palmer’s studio and gallery since I started the mentorship program. I … More

Running Free

Today I painted this horse running free from a picture by @dragoslumpan I saw on Instagram. I also taught three … More

Rough and Tough

This morning I woke up to torrential rain. I wasn’t happy. How was I going to walk the biggest dog … More

Keep Searching

Today I found a random picture in my phone of a cute little Galveston house I’d photographed on one of … More


More. That seems to be the word of the day. I wanted four grackles so I made two more. I … More