What Do I Know About the 80s?

After a little break, I got back to my manuscript today. The story takes place in the 1980s, a decade … More

Doodle of Horses

Here’s a random doodle of horses. It’s cold and I can’t stop watching the news and the world is sad … More

A Dog and a Robot

There’s much more serious stuff going on in the world, but here’s a fun little distraction from everything sad and … More

Blue and Gold

Another large abstract painting, this one blue and gold made out of 4 canvas panels. I love how it turned … More

Open the Portal

Here’s a new 30×40 inch abstract painting. Also, who’s excited about tomorrow, 2.22.22, and what it might bring? Today it … More

Saturday with Friends

So this little wolf sketch makes zero sense as an illustration for today, but I needed to draw something, so … More