Vertical City

What do you do when you see a particularly well-coiffed poodle? 🐩 Obviously you discreetly take a picture so you … More

Red and Gold

I still feel like playing with red and gold, still feel like drawing patterns while processing my thoughts. Today I … More

Very Special Puppies

Today I got to paint my friend’s dogs. They are so very special! I even met them once: they live … More

Birthday Party!

This was by far the best birthday Holly the gallery dog has ever had! We truly have the sweetest, kindest, … More

Birthday Dog

I can’t believe my little puppy is turning nine at the end of this month! Luckily she still acts like … More

Red Background

This is part of the background of something I painted today but which I can’t show yet. Sometimes my collectors … More


I painted this cow in order to de-stress this morning. I was awakened way too early by loud noises and … More


After my fabulous weekend, today I really had to Monday. I don’t like having to Monday but I’m getting better … More