Pelican Time

Ok, it’s all done. I’ve worked a lot on getting the special offers for the release of Lola Is Never … More


It’s the Spring Equinox and a New Moon – and it’s so cold outside as if to remind us that … More

Crawfish Complete!

Today I finished the painting of crawfish I started yesterday and I’m ecstatic that my collector loves it. It might … More

Crawfish Feast

Today my friend took me to Chinatown for a delicious crawfish feast, which actually included other treats as well, like … More

Who Is She?

Yesterday’s painting is finished and she’s not at all creepy looking, at least I don’t think so. But the problem … More

New Projects?

I started working on a new painting. It’s supposed to look ethereal but not as creepy as it does at … More


Today I got to paint Cheyenne the outdoor carousel horse. I started with his eyes, because the eyes are always … More

Interesting Day

Here’s what I wore to an author event this evening. I loved this colorful little outfit. Also quite happy to … More

Ice Cream Sandwich

Today I felt somewhat restless. I needed a little pick me up. So I strolled around 19th Street, bought a … More