Mariachi Band

Today I attended a very special birthday party where I was asked to take pictures and sketch. I’ll be working … More

Return to Fish

There was a time when all I painted was fish so I like to return to this old familiar shape … More

Predator Bird

Today’s painting is another one that changes in different kinds of light. I was really attracted to the grace of … More

Sweet Rocky

So excited to work on a painting that will make a child happy! Also so very special to paint sweet … More


Today I made another tiny colorful painting, a toucan. I’ve always wanted to paint one of these, and since I … More

Favorite Moments

Some favorite moments from a Sunday when I was tired but happy: Getting caught in the rain outside the Menil, … More

Mike and the Carousel

The featured puppy is my uncle’s dog, Mike! I was so honored to paint him today, on my uncle’s birthday … More

Little Bird

This little bird painting was inspired by @stephanirae_ on Instagram, whose nature photos I absolutely love. The day was absorbed … More


I can’t stop thinking about the Amazon Rainforest being on fire and I can’t stop being real sad and worried … More