Virgen de Guadalupe

Today I felt very inspired to paint the Virgin of Guadalupe. I decided I needed to do it, although I … More

Boston Terrier Calavera

Halloween is tomorrow and I am making a pizza spider with red dipping sauce, a dead person out of vegetables, … More

Then There Were Four

Today I made more vintage carousel horses because the world needs more of them. I also found out there is … More

Adding Color

Today I added color to Alexander Ross’ little friends, and prepared the wood panels I will apply them to. I … More

We All Need Friends

We all need friends, so today I decided to make some little friends for Alexander Ross. They will each get … More

Magical Things

I started working on a series of unbelievably cute small paintings for the Holiday Season. This will become one of … More

Professional Pictures

Today I had professional pictures of my paintings taken. My friend Bogdan of Buburuza Productions (who also shot the awesome … More