Holly’s 10th Birthday

I was in the middle of a Zoom photo shoot with an international photographer, who was trying to teach me … More

Cava in the Rain

In which my friend came by to pick up her watercolor commission and we wore our masks inside like good … More


Today was a special day. It marked two years since my Escapist solo show, The Platform, and fifteen years since … More

A Kiss in the Snow

Today I finished this commission piece of a kiss in the snow (from a Husky!) and am very happy that … More

Laughing Horse

A mellow rainy day here in Houston, while Hurricane Hannah made landfall in South Texas. I didn’t go to farmers’ … More

Meet Cupid

This is a portrait of my friend’s cute little turtle. His name is Cupid. I got to paint him today … More


Today I decided to paint a tiara to remind myself that, although I don’t have all my ducks in a … More