Pet Portraits

I love all animals and I love doing pet portraits big and small. While I’m open to commissions in all sizes and different mediums, there are two types of pet portrait commissions that are most popular. The small size and friendly price makes these ideal for gifts or as a way to treat yourself. Also, all I need in order to do this is a deposit and a good picture of your pet.

Simple Ink Drawing of Your Pet

These are 6×6 inches ink on paper drawings of pets and they tend to be very cute. Priced at only $100 per pet, these small drawings have a lot of personality and are sure to please.

Watercolor of Your Pet

If you’d like something a little bigger and in color, a 9×12 inch watercolor of your pet might be right for you. These are priced at only $200 per pet.

To do a pet portrait for you, I just need one good picture of your pet, as well as a deposit (or full payment in the case of the $100 drawings) payable by e-invoice. If you’d like to commission a pet portrait or would like more information, please email me at