In Which We’re On Our Way

When the Stars Align

Sometimes the stars align and magic happens. One one of my last days before leaving for Barcelona, I got to … More

Art Walk Author Pop-Up

Today was the Author Pop-Up at the Tremont House in Galveston. Also Art Walk, and for me a very special … More

Another Ghost Tour

Getting ready for one more ghost tour tomorrow and for the author pop-up at the Tremont House during Art Walk. … More

Let Them Eat Pie

In which I stay home with my dog for Thanksgiving and make a sweet potato pie. A few other things … More

Real Unicorns Read Books

First things first: In case you missed me posting the first chapters of my upcoming novel yesterday, here they are. … More

Ferry Ride

In which I take the Bolivar Ferry for the first time in three years. It used to be a mode … More


First, an important announcement: I just had my very first booking of my Galveston Past and Present walking tour through … More