Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! I guess I feel overwhelmed and at a loss for words. It’s been an amazing, life-changing year, … More

What Now?

This morning I came across a quote in my new manuscript, Lone Wolf, that I really love: “A story does … More

Ojo de Cabra

Today I went shopping for groceries so I can cook a few things for New Year’s Eve. Did you know … More

Muscle Memory

Last night I dreamt that I was being chased by an alligator. I was in my childhood home. I saw … More

Bobby Wants to Drive

Today I finished most of the Christmas leftovers. I finished the mashed potatoes and bread pudding. There’s still some turkey … More


The finches came to my window as I was talking on the phone to my former boss. I liked the … More


I’ve been publicly scolded on Facebook by someone I’ve known since childhood because I post too many pictures of dogs. … More