Time Is a Carousel

“Time is a carousel,” my friend texted. We were talking about how it seems like the 1960s have come back. … More

Woman on Horse

Today my top collectors came by (with their masks on, of course!) to bring me grilled octopus and pick up … More

Feel Your Feelings

Sometimes I need to make a big abstract painting so that I can fully feel my feelings and process them. … More

Olive Oil

Today I painted a bottle of olive oil because it’s one of my favorite things, so why not? My friend … More


In which my friends and I go to the Heights – with masks on – to scope out something we … More

Victorian Cottage

Today I painted a little Victorian cottage. There are a few of these left in the Heights, as Houston is … More

Purple Cauliflower

Today I painted this purple cauliflower. It was a commission for my top collector, who is an excellent cook, and … More

Murderous Heron

I was halfway through painting this blue heron, inspired by a picture by James David McKenna, when I realized it … More

Write Your Own Fortune

Today on my Facebook Live show I painted a fortune cookie. My friend ordered Chinese food from Taste of Szechuan … More

Girl with Peonies

Inspired by @andreea.mitran on Instagram. I really like the picture she posted. The blog tour continues, and today’s stop is … More