Miss Vulpe Returns

Still in major Miss Vulpe obsession mode. What would I do without her? I finished the first draft of Magic … More

In the Tunnel

It’s a beautiful summer and I’m a bit lost to the world, totally engrossed in my current writing project. It’s … More


There are few things I love more than oil paints. I sometimes try to steer myself away from them because … More

Day Trip to Amsterdam

Photo dump alert. Oh, well. It was a hectic day, lots of running around with my friend. I figured y’all … More

Hotel Casa Fuster

Now that I’ve left Barcelona, it’s time to reveal where I stayed, and it was a real treat, a real … More

Cinderella Visit

Today I got to visit my Cinderella painting in her new home. Do you you remember her? She was on … More

In Which I Eat Everything

My friend and I discovered some great tapas bars last night. My favorite, Los Gatos, even has an antique carousel … More

A Horse in Madrid

I’m back in Madrid to eat churros on cold summer mornings, channel Miss Vulpe, paint stuff, and obviously look for … More