City of Bats

In which Holly and I drive to Austin for a mini family reunion. The part of Austin we’re staying in … More

Octopus Revisited

I’ve really been enjoying this octopus commission in which I’ve been trying to channel the magic of another octopus, one … More

Fish Eye

Remember the time when I used to paint only fish? I don’t think I’ve ever tried so hard to make … More

Heron Up Close

Continuing my series of eyes of creatures I like with this Yellow Crowned Night Heron. Also, I have updated the … More

Animal Eyes

And just like that, I’m working on a whole series of animal eyes – mostly birds and amphibians. There is … More

Soft Opening

The wait is over! Lola Is Never Drinking Again is now available on Amazon. And although this is only a … More

Deep in the Bayou

Two years ago, I started writing a follow-up story to The Adventures of Miss Vulpe, written from the perspective of … More

Rainy Sunday Owl

Today was rainy and surprisingly cold. I had a few people over, including two of my top collectors who bought … More

Is It True?

The horses were on my mind today. If you read my books, you know which horses. Also, Mercury is in … More

Frog Season

That’s it! The electricity issue has been sorted out – with a little help from my dad who figured out … More