Why Did the Turkey Cross the Road?

What did I do today? Mostly cleaning and resting. Some snuggles with the little dog. Took my sister to get … More


My friend Catherine is traveling through Europe and posted a picture of the Reims cathedral that inspired this painting. Other … More

New Hair, New Life

So I finally got a haircut! There are other exciting changes as well, and I will share them as soon … More


Today I was inspired by a picture of gladiolas a friend posted. It was also cool enough in the evening … More

A Good Day

Two things I painted today: a Virgen de Guadalupe candle – a commission piece that turned out quite well, and … More


…because I saw a Vespa parked in front of Whole Foods. Also, here’s a picture of how colorful my Escapist … More


This painting is inspired by a photo posted by my friend Dana from The Amsterdamian. I painted it today in … More


Today I painted a butterfly on a zinnia. It’s inspired by something that happens in the book I’m writing, the … More

Going Back

I awoke to way too much sun. The Island has been robbed of its trees by Ike. The Island is … More

Evening Walk

In which it’s absolutely too hot to do anything until the evening but in the evening a small dog enjoys … More