Holly and Sebastian’s Beach Trip

Holly hadn’t been to the beach in a while. So I figured it was time to remedy that. I myself … More

Summer Love

That’s it! Summer is upon us! My favorite season starts tomorrow. In its honor I’ve painted two abstract watercolors, cleaned … More

New Moon Energy

This Retrograde has been heavy but it’s about to end. The new moon’s energy is upon us, and in its … More

Soft Opening

Yesterday’s soft opening for Places in Between was a huge success. But don’t miss the actual opening night on June … More

Really into Birds

I went to visit the herons today and I discovered that there’s many more of them than I initially thought. … More

How Strong Is Your Shell?

Happy World Turtle Day! How strong is your shell? I definitely think it’s important to have a nice strong shell … More

Moody Seascape

What stuck with me from the beach trip yesterday was how moody the water was and the image of sea … More