Snails and Stuff

Day 2 of being back. I’m crawling along at a snail’s pace, not just in terms of getting over the jet lag, but also in terms of getting used to being back. Everything seems so surreal, like being in a movie. I guess one of the scariest things about travel is that it gives you all kinds of perspective. You see things with fresh eyes and sometimes they just don’t seem relevant anymore. I’m feeling very disconnected, questioning again what I’m doing here, wondering if maybe I could pick up and leave, transplant myself somewhere else.

“Do you feel more at home over there?” my friend asked when, after spending most of the day in bed, I finally met her for tea. I told her I’m not sure I feel at home anywhere but that in some ways I feel more free to be myself in Europe. Then again, in other ways I really don’t and people there don’t always get my jokes. Jokes are important, aren’t they?

Perhaps it just takes a few days to get acclimated. In the meantime here’s a picture of the beach at sunrise yesterday when I drove to Galveston bright and early to get my dog.

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