Bienvenue au Carousel

Very early this morning I painted a carousel horse. I decided that a good title for my show for Sky … More

I’m Back!

I’m back and I already started painting! My wood panels were waiting for me in the gallery, and I’m still … More

Red and Bubbly

Our room has windows on two sides, overlooking the roofs of Paris, with views of the towers of Notre Dame … More

Back to Paris!

After a rather cumbersome flight, and a taxi ride that seemed endless, I’m back in Paris and I met up … More


In which none of the pigeons help me pack. Traitors!


This time of year there are purple irises blooming everywhere, the linden trees are starting to bloom, it’s finally warm … More


It’s been a very good day – and a very good trip. Besides all the travel, which was so wonderful, … More

Meatballs for a Fat Dog

He said: “Bring me two meatballs for my dog.” These were not regular meatballs, by the way, but the traditional … More


The sky was so clear when we left Sibiu this afternoon, we could see the snow-covered mountaintops in all their … More