Red and Gold

I still feel like playing with red and gold, still feel like drawing patterns while processing my thoughts. Today I allowed myself to do all that. I still remained disciplined about some things though, such as working out on the elliptical at the Y, and even pushed myself to go on an adventure and fulfill my duties as a book fairy. It was hard at first because I couldn’t possibly figure out where I wanted to leave the books. To think that someone who loves exploring the city as much as I do was having trouble coming up with two favorite places was disconcerting at best. I realized that, as much as I love my routine, I might be too much into it these days. And so I got in the car and remembered a few things I had forgotten. For example, I remembered that by far my favorite neighborhood in Houston is Downtown. It has such a special big city energy, and there are lots of people, and some very charming old buildings. I even started fantasizing about moving there – something I like to imagine every now and then. And something that perhaps I should really try.

I’ll let you guess where I left the second book.

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