Birthday Party!

This was by far the best birthday Holly the gallery dog has ever had! We truly have the sweetest, kindest, most dog-loving friends, because not only were they excited to come, which is the most important gift, but they brought presents (treats and toys! and a scented candle for the human) and even (drumroll!) and homemade birthday cake for dogs. In case you’re wondering, cakes for dogs are made with no sugar nor salt, but this one in particular contained a lot of top notch ingredients, such as organic carrots from the farmers’ market. Holly loved it, and because no dogs were invited to her birthday party (she hates dogs), I was at least able to send some dog cake home with party guests who have dogs. It was all in all quite a happy event, and I’m glad to say Holly really relished the attention. She likes it when people come into the gallery – but especially loved it when it was all about her.

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