Each One With Her Workshop

My old lizard likes to sit in her room and sew. When she’s not sewing, she’s sitting in her armchair … More


Today we went to a restaurant to meet my dad’s best friends, their daughter, her husband and children. As I … More

Winter Day

Today I finally slept through the night, but I ended up sleeping too much and feeling dizzy all day. I … More

5am Writers’ Club

It’s been years since I’ve experienced jet lag so awful. Last night I was wide awake at 3am. At 5 … More

Jet Lag and Winter

The city is not as beautiful in winter. Or maybe it’s just my jet lag that’s gotten me feeling pretty … More

Airport Ride

I think part of the usefulness of Airport Lounges – there she goes making excuses for upgrading again! – is … More

A Mighty Fortress

“A mighty fortress is our library,” one of the characters of my favorite novel, Duplicate Keys, by Jane Smiley, says … More