Subway Tour

I’ve never liked the Subway – and actually have always taken great pains to avoid it. The crowds, the smells, … More

The Old and the New

This morning we went to Hudson Yards to see The Vessel. It’s a brand new building that’s actually more of … More

City Directory

After successfully dropping off the dog today I proceeded to having the most lovely day hanging out with my friend … More

A Blustery Ocean

A lot happened today. I started having second thoughts about leaving my dog with my friend – not because I … More

Support System

Today I had a little event to say goodbye to my collectors before leaving on my trip. For the first … More

Paris in My Sketchbook

I’ve always found the Louvre very appealing, from an architectural point of view, that is. There’s something about the building … More


Today my 1900 bathing suit arrived, complete with its white pantaloons, which are quite fetching! It arrived early, which was … More